Welcome to Rotterdam!

Meet our professional guides and you will be able to discover the best of Rotterdam during your visit. Our guides have more than five years experience and enjoy sharing their knowledge to you about architecture and urban development in historical and social contexts. We also know where to eat well and can bring you and your company to the best skyline views and cocktail bars!

Meet Rody!

Rody grew up very multilingually, and therefore has a natural command of English, Japanese and Dutch. When he was 18 years old, he studied Linguistics and Scandinavian Languages at University. Rody currently works as a translator and language instructor in Rotterdam. Whether it’s through language, culture or art, Rody heartily aims to build bridges between two very distant worlds.

ロディーは数多くの言語を使う環境に育ちましたので、日本語もオランダ語も英語も自由に使いこなせます。18歳になった頃、言語学と北欧言語学を勉強しました。卒業してから、通訳者と言語教師として働き始めました。 ロディーは、遠く離れた2つの国のかけはしになろうとしています。日本の皆様、是非オランダに来てね!


Meet Simon!

Simon came to Rotterdam 15 years ago and fell in love with its dynamic presence. He grew up multilingually and speaks English, German and Dutch. He has a Masters degree in architecture and loves to travel. During those travels the idea for Private Tours in Rotterdam was born. Simon currently works as a recruitment officer at the largest art academy of the Netherlands in Rotterdam. With art & architecture in his dna, he loves to sparkle his enthusiasm to you and get you excited as well!

Hiring us as your private guide to explore Rotterdam is the most convenient way to get around quickly and efficiently in our beloved city! Get in touch with us today!